A Complete History Of Chris’s Sexual Failures…


So recently I saw a movie that made me actually think about my life and what I am doing with it. This is a statement that happens very little with films in this era of post modern decay. This movie I am talking about is aptly named “A Complete History Of My Sexual Failures” it is a documentary that tells the story of a regular thirty something male named Chris Waitt and the nonexistence of his love life.

The movies begins with Chris, just himself, nothing more, nothing less. He begins to talk about the idea he has for a documentary. This idea is recorded interviews with his ex-girlfriends to find out why he cannot have a lasting and meaningful relationship. These talks and interviews lid him into a downward spiral with him trying to figure out all of his problems and with ways to solve them. It is a honest portral of a man at a low point, he cannot keep a girlfriend, he has gained a mental complication leading him to impotence and he has no clue where he is headed.

Throughout the documentary you see him in common situations leading you to gain your own thoughts on the young filmmaker. One of these situations is on dates, one of his crew members set him up on a date which he awkwardly unconsciously sabotages. After interviewing her about her love life and sex life he offers her the chance to have sex at his flat. That point she takes her cue to leave.

Dealing with his impotence he decides to take Viagra, this is the point in the film you feel that it lacks reality and is more of a mockumentary. Instead of taking just one he takes enough to give an entire town a erection. This leaves his member swollen for eight hours and him looking for someone to share it with all night.


(Would you date this man?)

The rest of the movie you seem him grow little by little and become a better person than at the start of the film. Between mistress’s, BDSM, Ex’s, sex addicts and his mother you grow to find some connection to the character if you have ever had a failed relationship and wanted to know why. I found my self asking some of the questions he asks himself and his past counter parts. After the movie end it keeps you wanting more, wanting to know where he is now and if he fulfills his potential.

Real or not the fact still stands that this is an entertaining and interesting look into a broken mans life and his journy to glue the pieces back together. I have done a small bit of research on the film to find nothing for honesty from the director. Everything I can find on the internet backs up Chris’s story saying that now he is happily in a relationship that has lasted for almost a year. After seeing the film I hope that he can find a level of commitment to stay with her and he finds his happiness that throughout the film he so desperately looked for.


Smack Dab In The Middle…

So I meant to do this blog to work my way up to some Journalistic standard I had set for myself. Here I am sitting where I worked so hard to get and I find myself longing to be elsewhere. So I was walking down the neon lit streets of Omotesando alone when it hit me. I wanted to start writing, writing more than I ever had. I want my audience to grow and I want more people to be intrested. So I am now making to promise to myself to write more an more. The more I write the better I will get right? There are people out there that already read the dribble I put out and you guys must like it. Right? So here it goes, like Alice down the rabbit hole I am falling into my own life. I am welcoming all of you to my wonderland, to my world. I hope I can shed light on the shit I care about and you guys learn from that. So like I said with my first post here I will talk about Street Fashion, Hip-hop Music, Movies and whatever else that catchs my mind.



ALL CITY SOUL RADIO… We are taking it to the next level…

I will be writing on my blog more and more with the up coming weeks, I have a lot of things going on. I could be modeling for a street wear company called “White Mountain”. Hopefully this will be my entrance into the street wear scene within Tokyo but we will have to wait and see.

Also I should have a show or two coming up soon, along with that new music from S@Y!(www.myspace.com/justsayinghiphop). On top of that I am working on a huge underground Hip Hop event in Tokyo. This will be hopefully going down the 9th or 10th of December, thats all the information I have on that right now. The more I learn the more you guys will know.

Last but definatly not least I have taken online radio by storm. Through my University I now have an online radio show called ACS or All City Soul Radio. I am on the air every Wendsday night from 6 to 730 in Tokyo, if you are in N.C. I am on the air from 5 to 630 in the morning. Check it out, if you can’t check it you can go to the site (www.Ustream.tv/channel/Student-One-Zone) and listen or download past Issues. As of right now their are two, only one being an hour and a half. Because of technical difficulties last Wendsday’s episode will be going down tonight so check it out if you get the chance.

I hope I can get my camera up and running so I can start giving you real info on the street wear here from a citizen prespective.

Termanology… Following footsteps of NY’s finest…

Its been years since we have had anyone that could potentially fill the shoes of New York’s greatest rappers such as Big L, B.I.G. and Big Pun, But after hearing a few mixtapes and random releases I think we found him. Temanology I think will be the one kid that brings us back to listening to rap. He will be the one that could possibly bring real hip-hop/rap back to mainstream. The first time I heard Termanology was his 50 bodies mixtape with Static Selektah. That tape defined him in my mind as the lyrical resurrection of G-rap with passion laced all through his words. His newest release is a two part ideal called Talking To God. Now you all know that Common’s Resurrection is my favorite album of all time and Termanology is doing it justice with using the Resurrection beat over Part 2. Below I put the song, check it.

Not that his words and style are enough but he is backed by the legendary Dj Premire on and off most of his mixtapes. His first album, Politics As Usual, will be dropping September 30th. Politics As Usual has a legendary production list with people like Large Professor, Pete Rock, The Alchemist, Hi-tek, Easy Mo Bee, and three tracks by Preemo. As far as guests go Freeway, Bun-B, Prodigy and Lil Fame of M.O.P. are all on the album. I put the video for my favorite track on the bottom so check that, his myspace and his website, Termanologymusic.com. All I’m saying is go by this damn album and show those record label cats we are still here.

“If ya don’t know now ya know” – The Notorious B.I.G.

Designer Diggs : Eric Lebon

Eric Lebon is a young designer born and raised in Paris, addicted to hip-hop, video games and New Yorker culture. Eric designs to create an beautiful fusion of urban and high end fashion. At a young age he has already won the prestigious Amsterdam Denim Award in 2008 and has three seasons sold in stores in London, Paris, Chicago, Iceland and Japan. His Spring/Summer collection dealt us a lot of brighter colors along with loose fabrics. An interesting choice that he used was a very Arabian style head wrap for the summer heat. You can see this collection and more at his website.

(Lebon receiving his award )

I write about him today because he has just recently shown off his Autumn and Winter collection in Paris and it blew me away. Below I have a video of his A/W show.

I see a great future for him and hope to purchase some of his pieces in Tokyo.

See Eric Lebons Website at www.ericlebon.com.

Righteous Ideals and Normal Concerns or Rantings of a Lunatic…

So it finally hit me. Its almost 3 am and I was laying in bed pondering my life choices when my throat and stomach simultaneously knotted. Its that ominous feeling, a feeling of fear. I used to fear change in school most of all. Like the jump from middle school to high school or like the ending of eleventh and growing to be a senior. Now I am making the biggest change my life has ever seen in moving to Tokyo for school. I know most of you that read this blog are looking for things about fashion and that nature but today is a weird day and needs to be concluded in a strange way.

Just so you know I have done this before but moving to Japan this time is completely different than last. A little back story is that when I was a senior in high school I moved to Japan for six months as an exchange student. You know the kids that couldn’t really speak the language you spoke? That was me. Well I spent four days in Tokyo right from the start. I knew I would already love it but this was a feeling of immense euphoria when we landed that I hadn’t ever felt before. Arriving into the city for the first time is something I think you can only truly feel once. I think once you ride that two hours and hit the city lights you will never have that overwhelming feeling again.

Now after those four days I moved on to my family in Maebashi,Gunma. Compared to most capital cities in Japan it is relatively small. It is a lot like my hometown of Greensboro, N.C.. Its not the smallest city in the world nor the biggest and its laid out in layers. First you have the city, then the suburbs then the country. I spent five unforgettable months here. I met one of the greatest friends that I haven’t seen since I left, yet am still best friends with, and fell in love for the first time with a girl I thought I could be with forever.

During that time I spent a few days in Tokyo but in my mind it became home. Not a home as in you know it well just I knew it was where my heart resided(I.E. home is where your heart is at, home is ya habitat, tha place where it happen at….etc..). So I came back January 7th 2006 knowing I had to go back. I spent the next two year scheming up ways to move then I found Temple, applied and got in. Now I’m here at this point in time pulling some Jerry Maguire shit. Kinda freaking out, laying down on my friends pull out couch in Atlanta.

I am leaving in less than a month. August seventeenth to be exact. I have a friend I am supposed to stay with till the actual move in date but for some reason I am worried that it will get botched and I will be alone at the airport with no where to go. It isn’t that I don’t trust her, I am just worried. Also I have to leave my family. The first time it wasn’t hard because I knew I had to come back. This time the options are endless, I could stay, go, do whatever I choose. Those options and open doors frighten me. Finally it is almost like it is do or die time for my dreams and ambitions. I am nineteen and I have dreams as large as the oceans of the world. I am sometimes scared that these Atlantic size dreams may just be too big, while at other times I know whole heartedly that I can accomplish them.

Now I know that if I get to Tokyo and I cannot get with my friend I have the wit to do what I have to do to get where I need to be. Now my family is a tough issue, before the six months the most I had ever been states away from my family or out of contact was a week. This is a huge leap for me in that category.
I have lived on my own for the past two years yet never too far that if I needed someone they couldn’t be there within the hour. Also my mother and I are really close and I would fight and die for her. She is easily the most amazing women I have ever met. All in all it just sucks to leave her.

Finally my dreams. My dreams are as follows, get an internship writing for a fashion publication then turn that into meeting contacts. Use those contacts to start my own clothing store and start working my way into the street fashion world. These are big dreams when you are nineteen looking up to people like Jeff Staple, Hiroshi Fujiwara and Hiroki Nakamura. I don’t ever think that I want to be like these people but I want to be on or above that level. I want my name mentioned in some kids blog thirty years down the road saying near the same thing. I know I can do it but right now the idea of me actually doing it is hard to swallow.

So here I am at the end of my rant. I hate to take up time on my blog talking about bullshit going on in my life when there is so much to report within the Hip-hop community. But like I said, This is me. This is all I can do but I am growing to be able to do so much more, and I will…..

Atlanta : The Bench

So today I had the pleasure of picking up a new Krink Mop at a bomb ass shop in Atlanta called The Bench. I posted up at the store for about a hour or so chatting with the owner Rich who was a dope cat. The store is self is very well put together, they sell all of your bombing and painting supplies such as Krink, Montana, Rusto and On The Run. Not only are they catering to painters they have nice selection of graphic tees and kicks, plus a section of records for Dj’s and Vinyl lovers. Below I have posted some of the pictures I took during my chill session.

Inside the shop is some sick art from locals, each piece has a price and is on consignment so you know the artist is getting their cut.

You can see the variety in colors and types of Montana they keep in stock.

There is an ill lounge area to sit, listen to music and check out a collection of books. The illest of which has to be the Dondi White book.

They also have a selection of kicks and apparel from Addias.

The store has few racks of assorted brands of clothing, as well as accessories, for both men and women.

If you are in the Atlanta area be sure to check them out, tonight they are having a practice session for breakers from 9 to 12. They move all of the clothing racks out of the way and blast music letting the dancers do what they do best.

The store is located Downtown Atlanta at 602 A Marietta St.

Also check them out on the web at Www.AtlantaBench.com.

I wish Rich and the kids at Bench the best of luck and I hope I see them again soon.