Perfecting the art of the Biker.


Few people perfect their craft and create a mold in their field, Shinsuke Takizawa of Neighborhood Brand is one of these men. The real theme inside the brand of Neighborhood Brand is embracing the Biker lifestyle, the brand is a fusion of something like a modern day Japanese Easy Rider and Ura-Hara street fashion. Neighborhood is known for is top quality denim, great leathers and graphic tee’s.


Now Takizawa-San is creating a new offshoot of his well known brand labeling this “Luker”. Within this side brand we see collaborations with the always stable Levi. They will be taking their knowledge and branding putting it on to pairs of Levis. You can see an example of the jean on the rack in the photo above. The back pocket you can view the classic Levi stitching and on the front leg it has Luker screen printed. Takizawa-San will be upholding his dark shaded bad ass look  by releasing a new Leather Biker jacket/Hoodie along with a excellent  blue varsity jacket. The brand like all Neighborhood products will only be available in select Japanese boutiques and online at ZOZO Town. The ZOZO Resort store will be opening the 17th of this month.


There are still a few products I feel we have yet to see in what has been presented to us. The photo above was taken from Shinsuke’s Honeyee Blog. From the looks it seems like some sort of down jacket ridden with biker patches. For more pictures of the collections you can look at the Luker by Neighborhood website. I’m sure we will be seeing new and exciting things for the brand as a whole. Its good to see that even in the tough economic times we still have risk takers within the industry. After the gap will be a clearer look at a larger portion of the new line up releasing.



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