From D.C. to V.A. its Wale….

So I will admit when I first heard Wale’s Nike Boots I did not like him or the song. I thought he was just the representation of the HypeBeast community in the Hip-hop world which I knew was coming. Last August I saw him at the Rock The Bells in Miami Florida and I was converted. His rhymes were tight, his flow was dope and lastly he had kids breaking to his songs. That right there shows me hope for Hip-hop when we have a new artist coming out supporting the true meaning of the culture.

The kid rocks Supreme, Bape, Sb’s, NorthFace Jackets and New Eras the same shit I rock on a daily basis. This makes me connect to this kid in many ways, but I think the biggest way I connect is that he is from D.C./V.A. With me being from N.C. he still gets my south love.


But I am not here to talk about the wears he wears. I am here to talk about him, where I think he is going and where he is at. Right now he has under his belt an amazing mixtape, which is a collaboration between him and clothing company 10Deep, a video for his single Nike Boots and an album in the works. Not to mention the love he is getting from Hip-hop legends such as BlackThought from The Roots saying that he IS the reincarnation of Hip-hop.

The Mixtape I was talking about is aptly named “The Mixtape About Nothing” this mixtape centers about jokes and samples from the T.V. show Seinfeld. The songs that really stand out and give a feeling of what Wale is capable of to are songs like The Feature Heavy Song (Ft. Bun B, Pusha T and Tre of UBC) and The Remake of a Remake (Ft. Tawiah). Both are amazing raps and beats thrown together in the best way possible. During the tape Wale takes a mintue to speak on rasicism and his feelings on the Kramer situation during the song The Kramer. Lastly my favorite song on the album addresses HypeBeasts, something I have talked about many times before. The song The Hype basically describes the definition of the HypeBeasts in street ware and how hype is the life blood and destruction of the culture.

Next is the brand new video for Wale’s single Nike Boots. As I said before when I first heard the song I didn’t really dig it, but now after getting used to his flow and mindset I have it in constant rotation in my Ipod. The video feature rap greats like Bun B and North Carolina’s own 9th Wonder. The video shows Wale rockin’ a huge crowd in his hometown of D.C.. The video is shot in black and white and directed by Chris Robinson.

Finally is Wale’s first LP, right now it is Unnamed and has no release date. All we know about the album is it has production credits from Mark Ronson, Kanye West and 9th Wonder. This will be the first release after the merger of Interscope and Allido. The album was oringinally slated for the end of the year this year but from what I can gather it was pushed back till around March of next year.

XXL magizine named Wale one of the top ten freshmen of the rap game which has launched him to be next in line for a hit album. This honor is way bigger than anything that most can imagine, I see Wale truly creating something new. Wale could finally be a new age of Hip-hop without that wanna be trend setting Cool Kids shit. I can only hope that Wale can bring some subsistence back to mainstream Hip-hop, that he can break the mainstream without changing as so many before him.

After the jump the video for W.A.L.E.D.A.N.C.E.


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