Smack Dab In The Middle…

So I meant to do this blog to work my way up to some Journalistic standard I had set for myself. Here I am sitting where I worked so hard to get and I find myself longing to be elsewhere. So I was walking down the neon lit streets of Omotesando alone when it hit me. I wanted to start writing, writing more than I ever had. I want my audience to grow and I want more people to be intrested. So I am now making to promise to myself to write more an more. The more I write the better I will get right? There are people out there that already read the dribble I put out and you guys must like it. Right? So here it goes, like Alice down the rabbit hole I am falling into my own life. I am welcoming all of you to my wonderland, to my world. I hope I can shed light on the shit I care about and you guys learn from that. So like I said with my first post here I will talk about Street Fashion, Hip-hop Music, Movies and whatever else that catchs my mind.




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