A Complete History Of Chris’s Sexual Failures…


So recently I saw a movie that made me actually think about my life and what I am doing with it. This is a statement that happens very little with films in this era of post modern decay. This movie I am talking about is aptly named “A Complete History Of My Sexual Failures” it is a documentary that tells the story of a regular thirty something male named Chris Waitt and the nonexistence of his love life.

The movies begins with Chris, just himself, nothing more, nothing less. He begins to talk about the idea he has for a documentary. This idea is recorded interviews with his ex-girlfriends to find out why he cannot have a lasting and meaningful relationship. These talks and interviews lid him into a downward spiral with him trying to figure out all of his problems and with ways to solve them. It is a honest portral of a man at a low point, he cannot keep a girlfriend, he has gained a mental complication leading him to impotence and he has no clue where he is headed.

Throughout the documentary you see him in common situations leading you to gain your own thoughts on the young filmmaker. One of these situations is on dates, one of his crew members set him up on a date which he awkwardly unconsciously sabotages. After interviewing her about her love life and sex life he offers her the chance to have sex at his flat. That point she takes her cue to leave.

Dealing with his impotence he decides to take Viagra, this is the point in the film you feel that it lacks reality and is more of a mockumentary. Instead of taking just one he takes enough to give an entire town a erection. This leaves his member swollen for eight hours and him looking for someone to share it with all night.


(Would you date this man?)

The rest of the movie you seem him grow little by little and become a better person than at the start of the film. Between mistress’s, BDSM, Ex’s, sex addicts and his mother you grow to find some connection to the character if you have ever had a failed relationship and wanted to know why. I found my self asking some of the questions he asks himself and his past counter parts. After the movie end it keeps you wanting more, wanting to know where he is now and if he fulfills his potential.

Real or not the fact still stands that this is an entertaining and interesting look into a broken mans life and his journy to glue the pieces back together. I have done a small bit of research on the film to find nothing for honesty from the director. Everything I can find on the internet backs up Chris’s story saying that now he is happily in a relationship that has lasted for almost a year. After seeing the film I hope that he can find a level of commitment to stay with her and he finds his happiness that throughout the film he so desperately looked for.


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