Atlanta : The Bench

So today I had the pleasure of picking up a new Krink Mop at a bomb ass shop in Atlanta called The Bench. I posted up at the store for about a hour or so chatting with the owner Rich who was a dope cat. The store is self is very well put together, they sell all of your bombing and painting supplies such as Krink, Montana, Rusto and On The Run. Not only are they catering to painters they have nice selection of graphic tees and kicks, plus a section of records for Dj’s and Vinyl lovers. Below I have posted some of the pictures I took during my chill session.

Inside the shop is some sick art from locals, each piece has a price and is on consignment so you know the artist is getting their cut.

You can see the variety in colors and types of Montana they keep in stock.

There is an ill lounge area to sit, listen to music and check out a collection of books. The illest of which has to be the Dondi White book.

They also have a selection of kicks and apparel from Addias.

The store has few racks of assorted brands of clothing, as well as accessories, for both men and women.

If you are in the Atlanta area be sure to check them out, tonight they are having a practice session for breakers from 9 to 12. They move all of the clothing racks out of the way and blast music letting the dancers do what they do best.

The store is located Downtown Atlanta at 602 A Marietta St.

Also check them out on the web at

I wish Rich and the kids at Bench the best of luck and I hope I see them again soon.


One response to “Atlanta : The Bench

  1. Word! I had a great time chatting about the culture with you. Thanks again for supporting what we are doing, and most importantly ….

    …. STAY UP!!!!

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