Album Update : The Streets, Everything Is Borrowed…

Since landing with a few demo tracks in 2000 Mike Skinner has been telling his stories of a day to day street geezer.

Mike Skinners first album to me is a British masterpiece, “Original Pirate Material” was crack, you listen to it and its hard to put down until you go from start to finish. I first heard “Push Things Forward” on MTV2 in 2001, I picked the album up around 2003 and have yet to put it down. The most amazing thing about The Streets is that every album is a novel.”Original Pirate Material” is the story of an everything street kid, from being hung over, to smoking out the house, and to just getting smashed all over again.

His second album is named “A Grand Don’t Come For Free”, This is my favorite story/concept album of all time. It begins with one day where it all goes wrong, losing a grand, phone dyeing, videos late back to the shop. The next day he meets the love of his life and the rest of the album is the ups and downs of life intertwined with his relationship.

“The Hardest Way To Make An Easy Living” was The Streets last studio release. I find this to be the most personal album in his discography because of all the even in his life as of late. He talks about his troubles with cocaine, trying to meet famous women when your famous, the death of his father, and last living up to rock start standards.

(Younger Mike)

He has just released a small taste of his new album “Everything Is Borrowed” on his myspace. There is one newly posted track containing four excerpts from the albums. The songs in order are, “The Escapist”, “The Way Of The Dodo”, “The Sherry End”, and “On The Flip Of A Coin”.

“The Escapist” is very reminiscent of earlier tracks like “Weak Become Heros” or more recently “Pranging Out”. “The Way Of the Dodo” is a more of a social comment on the state of the world and the extinction of the human race. “The Sherry End” hits off with a 70’s bass line, and a twisted horn blast. This is more of a pub song to me, kind of like “Don’t Mug Your Self”. “On The Flip Of A Coin” I believe could become one of the singles off the album, It was the first track announced. It was more of a sadden, slowed tune, I am not exactly sure what it is about just yet with the thirty second clip.

The Album seems like it could turn out even better than the last, no street date or album cover has been set yet but I will update this post as soon as I hear something.

(Older Mike)


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