KAWS X Nike 1 World AF-1

I believe Nike may have stumbled over putting the first air force one in to production that I will actually go out of my way to get my hands on. The amazing street artist KAWS has been selected for the Nike 1 World project. This is a select group of people that are given the chance to design an air force one. So far we have seen Rasheed Wallace from Philly, Gore Texer from Tokyo, and Pedro Winter from Paris.

This current collaboration is with Jersey born, Brooklyn raised, Tokyo resident artist KAWS. In the past few years KAWS has made huge strides in the art world. He went from bombing the streets, remixing ads and piecing, to starting his own clothing line aptly named “Original Fake” . KAWS’s most notable symbol is the X’s he uses for the eyes of his characters. The symbol is made to look like cross stitching on the toe box, on the AF-1 Lace locks and the tongue. With the neon green accents this has to be my favorite air force one ever created, even after the Stash Hi. Pictures can be see below.

(All pictures from KAWS’s blog on Honeyee.com)


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