Little Brother – And Justus For All…

I just heard today that the greatest North Carolinian Hip-hop(debatable) duo is dropping a brand new album. This album will be aptly named after their last mixtape released with Mick boogie “And Justus For All”. I have heard through-out different sources that this new album will release with seven all new tracks as well as nine newly mastered tracks from the mixtape. Out of the seven new tracks we see Phonte and Rapper Big Pooh riding the beat with their original Dj, 9th Wonder. This track is called “Black Light Special”, one can only think that this will become the groups first single of the album. 9th left the group before the release of their last album “The Getback”, no real reason was given to the reason why he left. Although it most likely had something to do with the fact his solo career as a producer was taking off and he had only produced one track on the last album. Being from North Carolina, I am throughly looking forward to the new release and hope it only gets better from where the group last left off.

Much love to Pooh and Phonte whom with out their music I would not be where I am today.

Some information and photo gained from HighSnobiety


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