Common Ft. Pharrell – U.M.C. (Universal Mind Control)

As you can see by my first post one of my favorite Emcee’s is Common Sense. I am influenced by him more than any other artist on the planet. Where I felt his last album (Finding Forever) lacked to his normal standards after hearing U.M.C., The single off of his new album Invincible Summer, I feel like we are going to hear something brand new from the Chicago Emcee. This will be Common’s eighth album since his debut with Can I Borrow A Dollar in 1992.

The sound from the track makes perfect sense considering Common started his love of the culture as a B-boy in Chicago’s Southside. The beat is very reminiscent of early 80’s Hip-hop such as Soul Sonic Force and Grand Master Flash. The Electro Break beat has a true B-boy/House sound. I feel if this song foreshadows the rest of the album we could be hearing a resurgence of Old school in today’s mainstream. Pharrell’s hook has a taste of Afrika Bambaataa and Planet Rock. I hope this makes the easily lead MTV masses to learn more about the heart of the Hip-hop culture.

For those who have not heard Planet Rock I decided to put it down here at the bottom so you can see the similarities between the new Common and early Hip-hop.


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