A Supreme Bathing Ape in Mighty Healthy Nikes….

This post is about Hype Beasts in General, Most kids that call them selves this I do not think realize the definition of the word. A hype beast is someone who buys something solely because its Hyped up. They usually do not know a thing about what their buying. My latest example is the Supreme Kermit Tee released early this season.

SupremeXTerry RichardsonXKermit

I personally know a few people that got their hands on this fresh tee. I picked this up really digging the fact that it was done by Terry Richardson. Richardson is a dope photographer that defiantly developed a great style with his work.  I understand not everyone that bought this is supposed to know that bit of info, although I do know people that bought it for the fact they wanted others to see them in it. Street wear is an interesting culture, It is one where you rock stuff you love and create your own style to show off yet still will always have people that shit on it.

If you like it rock it. It is thats simple.

I am really just saying Hype Beast’s suck, They water down the culture we work to keep alive. This post had nothing to do with Jeffery Ma’s blog HYPEBEAST.com. I am a huge fan of his and am a frequent visitor of his site.


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