I just watched a small interview with the man that now inspires me to create. Because of him and a few others I am working to bring my imagination to life. This man is Jeff Ng or as most know him Jeff Staple. He is the owner and operator of Reed Space (NYC) and Staple Design. Reed Space is a shop carrying all of the top street wear brands such as Staple, 10Deep, Mighty Healthy, Etc. I have had the pleasure of visiting Reed Space once last summer. I was in awe at the shop as in itself was the image I have had for a shop of my own. Up until a short while ago there was another Reed Space in Tokyo, Plans to re-open are in the works as we speak. Jeff like my self had a slight obsession with the city of Tokyo after his first visit. Such an obsession that he sold his entire sneaker collection to raise money to move. He ended up not going and still says to this day that was his biggest regret. At the bottom of this post I have added the BKRW interview. During the interview he also names a few of my other inspirations Hiroshi Fujiwara and Hiroki Nakamura. Both are two of the most influential designers to date.

This is part one of the interview the rest can be found on YouTube


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