Always Living Without Sunlight

“Home Is Where Your Heart Is At, Home Is Where Your Hat Lay, No Matter What They Say, Home Is Your Habitat, Always Where It Happen At”

My home lays underground where the bass booms out from grimy, gritty speakers bombed with tags representative of the souls of the unheard masses from inner cities stretching out from Soho to Shanghai. It is a world ruled by the hype generated from a key smacking sound produced by false gangsta internet junkies. Because everyone has a gun behind 70,000 lines of HTML. With a culture deluded by so many easy lead corporate puppets being true to self is like being a candle trying to block out the sun’s heat with your own glorious blaze. Basically what I am here to do is give you my view of underground culture where I am from and what I have experienced. After seeing these blogs like HighSnobiety, HypeBeast, and Nike Sb, I figured I could do it too. I figured I could diversify my bonds a bit tho, I decided I would talk about all that I love not just clothing. So here it is, the happenings and reviews of living the day to day life 6ft under.


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